Health and Safety Policy Statement

n        It is the Company policy that all possible steps will be taken to ensure the Health and Safety of persons and to prevent damage to Company property.

n        It is the duty of all employees to conform to Company policy and safety codes of practice and to accept and carry out their responsibilities.

n        All employees with specific responsibilities for Health and Safety must carry out those responsibilities and ensure that they are adequately delegated in their absence.

n        All employees who authorise work to be carried out at any time must ensure that there are adequate Health and Safety facilities available.

n        The Health and Safety at Work etc Act and any other relevant legislation is to be complied with at all times, but this in itself is not enough.  All employees should contribute towards making the work areas as safe as possible.  All work methods should be periodically appraised to ensure that the safest possible methods are adopted.

n        All reasonable action will be taken to ensure a safe and healthy working environment.  This will be achieved by proper inspection carried out regularly in addition to normal Health and Safety activity.

n        The Company will ensure that adequate supplies of Personal Protection Equipment are available for work requiring such equipment and employees are required to wear protective equipment whenever necessary to ensure safe working.

n        This statement of the Company Policy is approved by the Board and it is mandatory that the policy is observed.


Aims and Purpose of this Policy

This policy document provides an overall philosophy in relation to the management of health & safety within the company. The policy sets out the company’s commitment to protecting the health & safety of all those who could be affected by the companies activities and / or by the premises in which it operates.


Directors, Managers, Supervisors and staff must refer to this policy when seeking information or clarification on health & safety matters.


Signed:   D Smith.

       Health & Safety Coordinator.

Signed    Jason Edwards                                     

Position: Director

Dated    01st January 2018